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Dialogi – an interactive coaching tool, using powerful questions to achieve great results

What is Dialogi?

Dialogi is an adaptable, easy-to-use learning tool that may be used in any situation that needs genuine dialogue to achieve results. Set up in an interactive format ensuring genuine engagement from everyone involved, Dialogi uses a "hands-on" approach, but is underpinned by sound theoretical models.

How was Dialogi developed?

Dialogi was created by Jane Lewes, an experienced consultant, facilitator, coach and mentor. Developed through extensive experience of delivering workplace coaching and mentoring training programmes across a wide range of organisations, Dialogi has been shown to provide its users with a clear structure to manage and guide conversations towards decision and action

Watch Jane explain more about it below:

Jane Lewes Interview-HD from e-Development on Vimeo.

Dialogi may be used in a range of scenarios, including:

  • Mentoring – for example, with young people or apprentices
  • Performance coaching to develop workplace skills and competences
  • Supervision sessions
  • Appraisals and performance reviews
  • Tackling difficult conversations
  • Team Building sessions
  • Strategic planning, etc. etc.

Across all sectors of the economy:

  • Education and training
  • Corporate management
  • Manufacturing and Services
  • Learning and Development

Dialogi is now available to help you develop your coaching, mentoring and management skills, wherever you are located.

Watch our video to find out more......

To find out more about Dialogi head to our 'In practice' page and to find out what others thought take a look at our recent testimonials.

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