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You may purchase Dialogi either electronically or as a hard copy boxed set, depending on the user preference. Both versions include:

  • A coloured circular board, divided into segments and a moveable pointer
  • Five sets of question cards that correspond with each segment
  • Blank cards for users to create their own questions
  • Coachee Action Plan booklet
  • Guidelines for users written in Plain English


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Dialogi Coaching Tool


Dialogi Coaching ToolDialogi Coaching Tool - £25.00 per box set (free p&p)

Includes a 12 inch square board, 5 different packs of 16 questions plus 4 blank cards per set, a guideline booklet and 2 coachee action plans

Dialogi Miniature Coaching Tool


Dialogi Mini

Dialogi Miniature Coaching Tool- £7.00 (free p&p)

Includes a 6 inch diameter plastic model of the board with basic information on the reverse



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