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Here are some comments from recent users of Dialogi:

Paul O Olson, Dr Psych working through dialogi with a colleague

We played with Dialogi in a masterclass. As a psychologist and executive coach I was surprised how it mirrored a good conversation; as we moved along, the needle seemed to confirm our progression. So I bought it.

Paul O Olson, Dr Psych


Dialogi focused thinking for both mentor and learner, giving insights, and importantly, future action that might not otherwise occurred

R. Fleck, L & D Manager, Celsa Manufacturing Ltd., Cardiff


“The format and structure of Dialogi is simple to understand and apply so that managers can learn the required skills in a way that is stimulating, leading to learning on many levels”

J. Clifford, Clarity Learning and Development, Essex


“Dialogi’s visual and simplistic design allows users to go through the learning process with ease and enjoyment”

S. Harris,  The Orange Bus, Brisbane, Australia


“Dialogi enabled me, as an inexperienced coach/mentor, to readily understand the value of asking the right questions to help pace each session and manage different learning preferences”

C. Moore,  Timet  Ltd., Birmingham


"Dialogi is simply practical. And I think every leader could benefit from having one in their desk. It's the most accessible tool for novice and expert leaders who want to effectively coach their employees! The questions are powerful—and cut to the chase!"

Chad Littlefield, Creator of “We! Connect Cards” and CEO “We!” California, USA


"A golf course in Northern Ontario wanted to attract youth and others to join and engage in the sport. Along with the many fun events and processes to encourage the recruits to go out and play, they also wanted the experienced golfers to act as coach/mentors to the new recruits. Dialogi was used to get them to understand the difference between coach/mentoring and command/instruct, thus encouraging the recruits to be receptive to coaching/mentoring vs being fearful of being reprimanded. The coach/mentors were seen as leaders in the community and the feedback was that they would be able to use the Dialogi techniques in many other areas."

Catherine Mossop, Sage Mentors, Ontario, Canada


"“Having access to Dialogi in an electronic format is great when showing it to larger groups, use the video clips to support learning and have something that can be used in conjunction with the physical board and cards I like being able to download action plans for people to use and it feels as if the online action plan can be used with numerous people numerous times. The video clips are great and bring the different uses for Dialogi to life. I love the fact that I can say – “that’s Jane – she invented this!!!” Another benefit of Dialogi is that It’s nice to have the overview of the theoretical underpinning so that it’s not just coming from me when I introduce it to groups / individuals, It’s also useful being being able to go back and forth through the sections so that I can remind people of what each one is all about.”

Jackie Clifford from Clarity Learning and Development

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